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Air conditioning

The basic system that keeps certain areas comfortable in the form of constant temperature is air conditioning. Although the primary function of the air conditioning is cooling nowadays it is common to have a hot-air heating variant. Air conditioners also have additional features such as filtration or air drying.

Our company BLUETHERM s.r.o. offers installation and service of air-conditioning exactly where it is needed; in houses, apartments, offices and business premises.


Thinking about acquiring an air conditioner?We recommend our customers Fujitsu units because here we can be sure of high quality implementation of all components. Air conditioning from Fujitsu can be used both in flats or houses, as well as in commercial areas. From Fujitsu products you can expect low operating costs, reliability and environmental friendliness.

The Fujitsu air conditioning product range includes both small units for smaller rooms, and large air conditioning systems for demanding operations. Their quality is also evidenced by the fact that they are sold in more than hundred countries.

Fujitsu air conditioning can both increase and decrease air temperature in the room and also, with the help of filters, purify theair. THESE SYSTEMS CAN ALSO PREVENT UNCOMFORTABLE DRAFTS THROUGH A PROCESS OF CONTROLLED AIRFLOW.


Air conditioning is becoming an Essentials feature of modern life. Ease of handling and installation will ensure that on hot days, air conditioning will give users exactly what they require from it – a constant temperature.

You can choose from several types and designs. We will always advise you professionally about the most appropriate and most effective solution for your apartment.

Low noise level

Air Conditioning units are designed and tailored to fit neatly into your home, making it a pleasant place whilst not distracting in appeareance or sound.

Types of air conditioning for apartment:

Design of our supplied and fitted air conditioning units corresponds to modern demands and needs of each individual customer.


It is suitable especially in cities where the ventilation is restricted due to noise and air pollution.

Air conditioning should have several important properties. One of them is a quiet operation. Another, equally important property is the economic and environmental efficiency.

The function of the air conditioning is not only cooling and maintaining the temperature, but it also provides dehumidification and ventilation. Today's modern instruments can even warm. Such heating is often recommended in spring and autumn at temperatures slightly above zero.


Air conditioning in offices improves the stay not only of present staff but also FOR visitors and customers. Commercial premises are divided into several groups and there are suitable facilities for each of them. We are ready to help you choose the right air conditioning for your office or entire building.

Larger offices, shops and halls

In this case it is preferable to make a realization of conditioning for entire buildings. Cooling of technical areas is a separate chapter.

Air conditioning units, which are designed for larger commercial spaces are particularly characterized by quiet operation and ease of use. Such air conditioning units are also able to provide autodiagnostics which greatly facilitates service and repairment in case of technical problems.